Medical Waste
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Medical Waste

Collections Services

Tired of getting “stuck” by your medical waste disposal companies ever increasing prices! MedWaste Nation’s new customers experience typical savings of 20%-40% with no long term contracts or hidden fees.  We provide timely and reliable waste management services, medical waste disposal containers, and adhere to all medical waste disposal regulations.  Switch today and save on Medical Waste Disposal Services.

What is

Medical Waste

Medical facilities must adhere to medical waste disposal service compliance guide lines.  This includes choosing a medical waste disposal company to pick up and process the waste.

Medical Waste Includes

capillary tubes
syringes with attached needles
cover slips and slides
scalpel blades
and other regulated medical waste including fluids and items that are contaminated with potentially infectious contaminants.

Medical Waste Collections Regulations

Medical waste disposal companies must comply with state laws. Unlike other industries, medical waste is not federally regulated. Medical waste disposal was regulated by the EPA from the inception of the Medical Waste Tracking Act (MWTA) of 1988. However, the act expired in 1991. At that time, states took over regulated medical waste disposal.  So, who regulates medical waste disposal industry?  Some federal agencies do have regulations for dealing with medical waste, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additional agencies may also be involved with regulated medical waste disposal. However, in most cases, the states regulate medical waste disposal.

Legal Council on Retainer to Help You

Stuck with that unfriendly contract? MedWaste Nation has legal council on retainer and has a proven history of helping our customers show they deserve better. If you’d rather wait it out, we can get you in our program to ensure your “auto renew” clause isn’t enforced and earn your business once your current agreement is complete.

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