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Health Effects

What Are Bloodborne Pathogens and Compliance

Bloodborne pathogens place employees and patients at considerable risk, and yet, many organizations fail to comply with federal legislation intended to address these concerns. Often, employees ...
Health Effects

Types of Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms that are carried in the blood. Many of these cause disease in humans as well as ...
Medical Waste Disposal

Understanding OSHA Regulations and Compliance

OSHA plays a huge role in the modern workplace. Despite this, many business owners and their employees wonder: what does OSHA stand for — and what ...
Medical Waste Disposal

Staying OSHA Compliant in the Health Care Industry

While many employers are vaguely aware of the Department of Labor’s efforts to promote workplace health and safety, several wonder what does OSHA do?  As ...
Medical Waste Disposal

How to Keep Your Company OSHA Compliant

If you are a medical facility, part of keeping your company OSHA compliant is ensuring that medical waste is properly disposed of. Different types of waste are ...
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